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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In spite of Earthquakes, life goes on & Sami is having her first transfer. After over 5 months in San Carlos she is moving to Concepcion Tuesday Mar 23. She will be in the Santa Sabina ward which is actually where the new temple will be built.   She is sad to leave those she has grown to love but is looking forward to new experiences.
Her email to us:

I will keep this short because there were cambios today and I´m leaving for Concepción tomorrow. Hehe. Love you guys. I am going to the sector of Santa Sabina which apparently didn't have too much damage. So I need to pack all of my things and say goodbye to all the new converts and investigators.

Mom, thanks for sending the stuff through Elder Merrill´s parents (Sister Merrill was nice enough to take some things for the sister missionaries when she went to pick up her son before the earthquake - but I think they were supposed to use the peanut butter to make cookies for their whole zone!). We just got it two days ago but I got to enjoy the m&ms and some of the peanut butter so that is good enough for now. We had interviews on Saturday which is why we got the bag of goodies.

As for winter clothes, I´m sure I´ll be able to find what I´m missing so don´t worry about it. Upside to the cambio: I´ll get my package a lot sooner. :)  Don´t worry about the snuggie.

And about the music, give me a while to get settled in and organized and I will worry about it. As of right now, I still have a lot of music I haven´t used. But I wrote some songs! Being in Chile during a 8.8 earthquake really helps get the creative juices flowing.

The apartment building in San Carlos appears to be fine. None of the cracks look any bigger than they were from the earthquake and the aftershocks don´t feel very strong at all in comparison so I´m pretty sure it´s good. As for the wall, I think it´s pretty far down on the list of important things to rebuild. Right now they are working on demolishing all the buildings and houses that pose a hazard so San Carlos is about to look a little more spacious.

I don´t think even my footie pajamas will save me from the cold here.

It appears that I have some sort of virus on my SD chip and possibly on my voice recorder but as soon as I get it all figured out I will email you pics and music.

Love you guys!!!!!!
Hermana Smith

And to Jennie:
Hermana Chavez is encouraging us to study the signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In D y C (I think...) it says that the righteous will be able to recognize the signs of His coming. And they will only come on more strongly and closer together. Not to be a downer or anything. But good job on your food storage. Especially as a foreigner because who knows if you would qualify for government aid in the case of a catastrophe or natural disaster. Wish me luck in Conce!

Tu Hermana
ps. I thing the aftershocks are supposed to continue for several months but everyone here has calmed down a lot. It´s more like a Disneyland ride now, old hat.

And lastly, her letter to President Chavez: 
Querido Presidente Chavez,

Muchisimas gracias por la oportunidad que me ha dado ( o sea el Señor, mediante usted ) de pregresar en una otra manera. Estoy animada para llvar las cosas que yo he aprendido aqui en San Carlos a mi nuevo sector y aplicarlas aun mejor. A veces uno nesecita un gran cambio para poder hacer todos los cambios en uno mismo. Sé que tendré buenas experiencias que me ayudarán depender más en mi Padre Celestial y menos en mi propio entendimiento solamente.

Va a ser un poquito difícil dejar las personas ( miembros, nuevos conversos, e investigadores ) que he logrado amar pero tambien sé que la obra del Señor sigue sin o con mi ayuda. Solo estoy agradecida que Él ha confiado en mi para poder ayudar y servir a Sus otros hijos aqui en Chile.

Aqui en San Carlos estamos trabajando mucho con los jovenes y el grupo aqui está creciendo y fortaliciendose. Siento que estoy dejando mi sector en un buen lugar. Siento que el Señor está complacido con mi trabajo aqui y que he aprendido muchas lecciónes que Él tenía para mi. Quizas no todas, pero siento muy bien y tranquila y eso es suficiente.

Muchisimas gracias por todo.

con mucho cariño y respeto,

Hermana S Smith
Dear President Chavez,

Thank you very much for the opportunity given to me (ie from the Lord through you) to progress in a different way. I am happy with the things I've learned here in San Carlos I can use at my new sector and apply even better. Sometimes  a big change is necessary to make all the changes in yourself. I know I will have good experiences that will help me to rely more on my Heavenly Father and less on my own understanding.

It will be a little hard to leave people (members, new converts, and investigators) who have been loved, but I also know that the Lord's work continues with or without my help. I'm just grateful that He has trusted me to help and serve His other children here in Chile.

Here in San Carlos we are working hard with the young and the group is growing and strengthening here. I feel I am leaving my work in a good place. I feel the Lord is satisfied with my work here and I have learned many lessons he had for me. Maybe not all, but I feel very good and calm and that is enough.

Thank you very much for everything.

with much love and respect,

Stay tuned for info on what Concepcion is like - and hopefully some pictures soon if she gets her SD card to work outside her camera.

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