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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

letter & pictures from Oct 11

Hola mi mamá. ¿Qué tal? Aqui hay algunas fotos para ustedes. Ojalá que las disfruten.

Getting right down to business...
I really like all the shoes but I think it would be best to just get the same ones I have if possible because I already know that they fit me and are super comfortable and last a long time.

I will respect all your traveling decisions but I just ask you to think about the whole car thing really well. Chile is nice but it´s not Europe and we´ll end up spending a lot of time in buses getting from one place to another. Another difference is that in Europe you and Jennie were seeing a lot of touristy places. We´ll see some of those but a lot of it will be people too that I want to visit so the public transportation might not go where we want it to. Maybe you should talk to Hermana Fishbeck and see what she thinks. She and Elder Fishbeck have done a lot of traveling so they would probably know better than me.

I don´t remember the immunizations. Hepatitus A & B. Typhoid. Tetanus. I´m not sure. There were required and optional ones too.

I think it is so cute that you are taking Spanish classes. It makes me really happy.

We had a zone activity today in Constitución and I literally ripped a whole in my pants. My purple pants from Forever 21 that have served my whole mission and before. I will try to sew up or patch up the whole but  might take this opportunity to buy cool Chilean genie pants if I can find some cheap enough. Just so you know, Mom, you are going to go crazy when you see all the sweaters here. I know that you will instantly love Chilean fashion. I love it.

Stake Conference was this past Sunday and it was amazing. None of our investigators were able to come because of the distance (we traveled to Talca) but the talks were so good and President Humphrey and Hermana Humphrey came to speak. All the talks were so interesting and I really was able to feel like I got a lot out of it. We are reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning with Abi ( one of our investigators) and we are already in 2 Nephi 4 and we started about 2 weeks ago. Love it. We are going to start over again when we read it together as a mission (we aren´t sure when that will start... but it sounds kind of like what we always did in 1st Ward in August but in 2 months instead of 1)

Sounds like you guys are having fun. Que se disfruten arto. Cariños.

Hermana Smith
Sami sent lots of pictures - but I don't know what lots of them are - so just enjoy.
 Somewhere in Constitución


 Some of the tsunami destruction still evident in Constitución
 Elder Jaar and Hermana Smith
(this one is for me since Elder Jaar is one of my favorite elders & he is coming home this cambio)

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