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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

carta del 18 de octubre

Estoy súper bien. Me alegra ver que está aprendiendo algo en su clase de castellano. Siga practicando, no más. Quiero que pueda comunicarse con mis investigadores y conversos. Eso sería genial. Si se puede!  Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry to everyone that I have missed your birthdays/important dates (especially Tallia, Jon, Alice Sage, Natalee, and all offended family members) hehe. Sorry. I will make it up to you one day. I wanted to send some stuff but I was having money issues so I thought it would be better to hold off and sending stuff and just bring cool stuff when I get home. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

Thanksgiving wish: 1. StoveTop Stuffing mix. 2. Handwritten notes or pictures from my family. Cute! Everyone can write something that says the stuff they are grateful for and then you can give them to me. That would be cute. Count your many blessings.

Whatever garment stuff you got will probably be fine. I don´t think I need petite but I don´t really know.

Christmas wish: Any cute homemade-ish thing or note from you guys.

About the miners, everyone here talks about what a big miracle it was and there is a lot of talk about how everything fell really perfectly into place with the timing of getting them out, the number of miners there (33, the same age that Jesus Christ had when He died). It is really interesting that an entire country is so believing that the newspapers can talk about things like miracles instead of taking God completely out of the picture.

Thins week is Cambios and I am still here in Constitución with Hermana Enders which is really awesome because we have A LOT of work to do together still. I will give a good report on our investigators next week but we have a lot of great people who are reading in the Book of Mormon and coming to church so we are really happy. My hija is leaving Santa Sabina and going to San Javier! Cerquita. Hermana Knapp is going to Linares to be companions with Hermana Cortes. They are going to love each other. Hermana McCombs is leaving here and going to San Javier as well.

Yea for Tax Miracles! (I just finished filing my 2009 tax return & got an unexpected extra $1200 back - just enough to pay for my ticket to Chile!)
Talk to Hermana Fischbeck. She will guide you in everything. I was hoping to be called to be her assistant this Cambio but doesn´t look like it. yet, at least.

Ran out of time. (I´m helping Hermana Egbert with her college entry essays)

Hermana Smith

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