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Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas Call

I have been really bad at keeping up Sami's blog lately, but I will try and remedy that. We had a great call with Sami on Christmas day - we were allowed to use Video Skype for the first time and we also got to try out the new video conference option on Skype. There were 13 family members at our house, 4 in CA and Sami in Chile and we could all see and hear each other. We got to actually see Sami for the first time in over a year. Her nieces and nephews had fun telling and showing her what they got for Christmas. We got to 'meet' some of the girls that live with Sami & see parts of her apartment. She loved the snow people we sent her (snowmen/women with pictures of family & friends as snowman face & message on the back). She had put them all on her wall. She was enjoying the summer weather in Constitucion, which is cooler than San Carlos where she was her first summer in Chile. She is happy that she will probably be staying in Constitucion for the rest of her mission. She is still enjoying her mission and hopes to still accomplish much during her remaining 2 months in Chile. She and I talked a little about my trip to Chile in Feb to pick her up - but not too much because she wants to concentrate on missionary work and being the best missionary she can be. 

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