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Monday, November 30, 2009

Email from Nov 30, 2009

You write the longest emails I have ever read in my entire life. But I am glad because I want to know what is happening and no one else wants to tell me (except Jennie) (and Dad likes to send me book reports without an analysis which is actually just plaigarism) I CAN´T SPELL ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. The members feed us lunch Tuesday through Sunday. It is always delicious.The other Hermanas are from the USA. I really want lasagna so I would appreciate it if you didn't email me about really delicious food unless you plan on mailing some of it to me.

Everyone is having babies, except for me of course. In case you were worried about that. It´s weird that I've already been here for 2 months. Time is really slow but really fast at the same time.

I have good news! Alejandra is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! I talked a little about this in my email to Jennie so you can reference that if you like. I am really excited for her. She has changed a lot and is a lot happier now than when I first met her. Now her husband Enzo wants to get baptized too but we haven´t really taught him anything even though he has already come to church 3 times. Now we are going to meet every day so he can have the support he needs to quit smoking too. He has already started to smoke less, only 10 or so (he used to smoke 5 packs a day). They have a 9 year-old daughter named Paloma (Dove in English). She is super cute and super stubborn. :) We have been teaching her and some of her friends in the chapel. They are all so cute!

Leticia is another investigator who has quit smoking. She told us this week that since she started meeting with us and reading in the Book of Mormon she hasn't had the urge to smoke. It was really funny because she kept saying ¨Now I don´t smoke. And why don´t I smoke? I don´t know...¨ She used to smoke a lot too. A LOT of people here in Chile smoke. And they smoke A LOT.

Cristian is really awesome too. He just needs to come to church. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the word of God. He says he feels good when he reads and prays (the Spirit!). We have met a lot with his family and they are all really fun. They invited us over for New Year´s. Apparently New Year´s here is bigger than Christmas.

Rosa Sepulveda came to church for the first time yesterday and she loved it. She said she is going to bring her son Naslo with her next week. Hooray!

That´s it for my investigator report for now. I´ll share more next week. :)

I´M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should get it this Thursday (Interviews with Presidente Chavez).

Zone Conference was really excellent. We talked a lot about the Atonement and the Sacrament and how when people don´t come it´s likely that they don´t really understand the connection between the two. The Sacrament is our opportunity to thank our Savior in the way He has asked of us. It was really great because Hermana Grahn and I are already doing a lot of the things they talked about in Zone Conference. We went in a train!!!!!

I miss Thanksgiving. And you guys. I´m going to stop now so I can send pictures. I probably forgot to say a lot of things.

Hermana Smith

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