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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sami's letter from Nov 23 2009

Querida Familia,

I haven´t really seen the other forms of ¨dear¨used, just ¨querida¨. But that doesn' mean they aren't right.

Sorry the pictures didn't work. I knew that and I sent you another email telling you that but somehow I sent it to myself and not you. Which isn't very helpful because I already knew that it didn't work. And also I lied because I am not going to send them this week because I can´t remember where I put my camera. But NEXT week....

And concerning your questions about structure: There are 2 districts in my zone. The waterfalls was a zone activity. People in my district: E. Bastow, E. Barker, E. Clark, and 1 new Elder. In the other district in my zone: Hermana Meikel, Hermana Torres, E. Rawe, E. Barton, E. Stowe, new Elder. Zone leaders: E. Merrill, E. Brett, and a new Elder who is not a zone leader but is their companion.

Thank you for giving me ¨the scoop¨.(there had been a question about whether or not MP3 players were allowed in the Chile Concepcion Mission - so I checked with the mission office and got the definitive answer that they are allowed - which is good since we sent Sami one for Christmas) I am excited to get a package! Chocolate is really expensive here. At least good chocolate. and I am all out.

Christmas is exciting! I am going to buy some things today to send in a package for Christmas. But I probably won´t send the package for a couple of weeks. And everything will be small and cheap. :)

We have our zone conference which means two things. Firstly, I will miss the most delicious lunch with Hermana Fresia. And secondly, I have been in Chile for almost 2 months! Weird. We are traveling to Zone Conference by train! Which is exciting because I have never really traveled by train before AND we live right next to the train station so I don´t have to go very far to get there.

3 of our investigators came to church this week which is a lot better than last week. We are teaching a lot of families which is awesome. When a whole family accepts the gospel they can support one another which is especially helpful with new converts because for some people it is a huge change.

Elder Jaar got transferred to Concepción so it will be a little harder for Mom to stalk me through his blog. :)

Mom, sounds like you had a fun birthday. I´m really glad you got my letter before! Just in time. Also I don´t remember if I wished you (Mom and Dad) a happy anniversary. Also I don´t remember how ti spell. Congratulations on being married for a really long time!

I hope people are patient with me writing letters. It takes me a while because I´ll usually write them one week and send them the next Monday.

Hermana Grahn gets back from her mission in March I think. She will probably get transferred this cambio because she only has 2 left.

Anyway, the work her is really great. I am really excited to work with so many families. I miss you guys a lot but you will still be there when I get back so that´s okay.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! Remember me on one of my favorite holidays of the year. A holiday centered in thankfulness. And food.

About the Christmas call: I´m still not sure. We set a time on Christmas day and you call or something but I think I will buy a calling card and call you because it might be easier to connect that way.

Anyway, that´s it for this week. Next week will be more spiritually uplifting and also will have pictures.

Love you all!

Hermana Smith

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