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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sami's email from Nov 16, 2009

I will do better this week and post her letter on time.
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.(which she forgot to attach - maybe next week). Disfruten! We ate a pig leg for lunch and I´m pretty sure there was a bullet hole in it. Also, I am sad in a hammock (that is from today) Hoy día!

Yeah, apperently we can´t have mp3 players. Didn' know because I don´t have one. I hope that isn't what you sent.... Sorry if it is. (I checked with the mission home and they are allowed - apparently a 'Mormon missionary legend' (as in 'urban legends') is running wild in their mission. It is good, because that is one of the things we sent her for Christmas.

We are teaching a lot of people but they aren't coming to church. It is still a little frustrating but the church is still true. Bueno, the church will always be true.

I´m not really sure what you want to know about my house. It´s just a house that is normal and also in Chile. It isn't very cold now because summer is starting but I still sleep with 2 or 3 wool blankets, my fleece blanket (thanks, padres!) and sweats. Everything is normal here. I don´t spend a lot of time in the house because we are working all day. But it is really nice to have time to rest and study after lunch. :)

I am typing with an American keyboard on a Chilean computer so I might type things wrong...

I would not say no to a backgammon game. We don´t have time to play except p days but sometimes we have activities with other missionaries (group games) and sometimes we stay in our house and write letters (less people games).

I have sung in church but not by myself. I directed the primary for their song this past Sunday (it was the primary program in Sacrament meeting) and I couldn't sing because I was louder than all of them. Oh well. It was kind of funny lip syncing in Spanish to a song I don´t really know....

I would love to have some recipes but they don´t use measurements here like we do in the U.S. I've only seen people use spoons and mugs/cups to measure ingredients but if you send me recipes I should be able to figure it out. Mostly for desserts that are easy to make. Sabe que, we make brownies in the microwave and they actually taste really good. 15 minutes total. Only 5 minutes baking time. Rapido. And also I love cookies a lot. So I would not say no to Grandma´s cookie recipe.

I´m going to start gathering small things-presents for Christmas but i probably won´t send a package until much closer to Christmas. And apparently it is pretty expensive so it won´t be much.

Time goes by so fast. I've already been here 1 1/2 months! Hermana Grahn and I are together for another 6 weeks! I have inspiring things to tell you during the week but then I forget them when I sit in front of the computer.

My Spanish is better.

I still love you.

The church is still true.

Hermana Smith

Shoutout to Jennifer Smith

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