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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter from Sami to her sister Jennie (in France)

This is a letter that Sami sent to her sister Jennie. While I just usually post Sami's family letters, this one has such a beautiful testimony of her mission from her that I wanted to include it:


I am curious about this mission talk. And honestly I felt a strong drive to go because I wanted to distance myself as much as possible from certain people that made me sad one time. At least it started out that way. My mission is something that I think it will take my whole life to understand but something I am so grateful for. Sometimes I feel like I´ve already learned a lot so I can come home and put all my new good habits and ideas to use. :) But that´s not actually how it works. And I still have a lot to learn. I felt lost for years, remember? My mission is the first thing that I haven´t really felt lost about. Scared maybe, or tired, or happy, or whatever. But not actually lost. And I appreciate that feeling a lot because I know what it feels like to be listless and sad and do nothing but eat, watch movies, and play the guitar. And this is a lot better (although I did get better at the guitar really fast...) The blessings from being happy in the work are so many more than being lost in Provo/Kent/My Mind. Not that I´m saying that you should go or no. Obviously it is up to you 100%. I just know for me my mission has been an anchor that I was missing before and it has really helped me put my priorities in perspective. Which sometimes is hard because my priorities live in WA, CA, and France but the things I am learning here are worth it. Especially since I know A: I will see you all again in not too long and B: the Lord will bless my family (you guys) while I am here serving Him. In that I have confidence. And I think it´s better for you guys to have blessings now and me later. What a deal! :) Anyway, I´m glad you are out seeing the world. I really think it´s great that you have taken the initiative to go do something. To just get out there and do something. And I know you´ll figure it out. Especially with the help of prayer and the Holy Ghost. Man, that´s what I talk about all day. And because of that I really do know that you will receive the help you need. Heavenly Father always answers, in His way and time of course, but He answers. Sometimes I think it´s easier for me to recognize the little answers than the big ones. Like I´m scared that I´ll get what I want or something. But don´t stress or be scared. You just have to trust Heavenly Father, He´ll take care of you. Oh, and keep doing things! Sometimes people trust and wait, and then don´t DO anything. That is the story of my life here. Heavenly Father can´t tell us where to go if we aren´t moving. But you know all this, big sis. :) I love you and I hope you have a good week doing things

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