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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letters from Dec 14

No se precupe, Mamá. Tengo mi chocolate en mi casetina para comer más cerca de navidad. I may have eaten all the other chocolate but my stocking of goodies remains untouched. I´ll probably get packages tomorrow or next Tuesday at our last district meeting before Christmas. Whoa. How did that happen? Anyways, we went paint balling today and it was legit. Camo and everything. Way fun.

And one of the members gave us a mini Christmas tree and decorations so we are going to decorate it today. Yay! For the Christmas call we are going to use a land line. We still don´t know when we are going to call but we have to be finished with everything before 5 pm our time with both of our calls. More info to follow hopefully.

If you have time could you email me grandma´s Christmas cookie recipe. I think you said you sent it in the package so I´ll probably get them about the same time but Hermana Grahn and I want to make some for our investigators.

Speaking of our investigators...

Alejandra was confirmed a member of the church yesterday! And Enzo hasn´t smoked for 6 days! He has a goal to be baptized the 27 of this month, right after Christmas. :)

We have a lot of people to teach and not enough time, it seems like. Also, we are trying to work more effectively with the members so if you or anyone else has any ideas about how we could use their help better or how we could help them invite their friends and family members learn more about the gospel they would be appreciated. A lot of people here are the only members in their family, like you, Mom :)

It´s kind of weird to have Christmas when it is so hot out. I´m excited to talk to some of you in less than 2 weeks!!! I miss snow and cold things (with Christmas) but just this and another Christmas and it will be cold again so I have to enjoy the warmth while I have it.

Not so long today, I would like to take a nap. And I am going to try to send your package today so you will get it BEFORE Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed...

I love you.

Hermana Smith

Here is another of Sami's emails to Jennie:

Hey Man,

I´m going to hook you up right now with a scripture I found on the bus that is sweet. I have the same problem as you sometimes. I worry a lot about things I probably shouldn't and I get stressed (especially with all this talk about what I should DO with my life/study. that practically killed me). Anyway, I felt like this scripture was written for me. It´s cool how that happens sometimes. Philippians 4:6-7. And be sure to read the footnote at the bottom. I hope it does something for you too. :)

You´re right about the Spirit. Really almost all the rules we have are to help us to always be worthy of the help of the Spirit. It´s so key. That´s the first thing we teach here a lot. About the Spirit and the guidance and happiness it brings to our lives. If we can help people understand why they want the Spirit they will want to do what it takes to get it and maintain it.

Have fun in Euro Disney! Que bacan. We went paintballing. That will probably be my Christmas present. It was a little expensive for here....

Thanks for sending me a package!!! I´m excited to open it.

I love your emails. Stay safe, Cadet.

Hermana Smith

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