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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Email from Feb 22

Hello Family,

Remember when I didn't realize until today that you guys recorded stuff on my recorder before sending it to me? Oops. Thanks for the words of wisdom! Speaking of words of wisdom... But seriously, the people here are really in to that song. Here are the pictures I promised you last week. Everything is doing fine here. 5 months in Chile! Time goes by fast/slow. It seems like you are all having a lot of fun filling in holes with dirt/ watching Dad fill in holes with dirt. What I do here in Chile is a lot like that but actually not at all. Mom, some of the Elders are a little scared of/impressed by your ability to stalk people on the internet. I told Elder Miller about his keyboard and his eyes got really big and he said ¨how did she know that?¨ I saw the fear. If you have any other good information I can use it as bargaining chips for candy/other goods at zone conference. Except that I, of course, being a missionary, am joking. We have 2 more people that we are working with to help them make a covenant with Heavenly Father through baptism this Sunday. Alonso is a man in his 70s who likes to talk a lot. And Javiera is a girl of 9 years who is the daughter of a less-active member. Her mom also wants to get baptized but she needs to get some things in order first. So let´s all look forward to a week of miracles because God is a God of miracles (Mormon 9).

You can tell Tallia and Jon and Alice that I got their package and it made me so happy I even shared my granola bar with my companion Hermana Rodriguez and she asked me where they bought it but I didn't know so I told her Costco. They/also Baby Alice are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the pens are so cool! I have already secretly written on things. I´m glad their dog works now.

Love you all muchisimo. Ahora voy a escribir al Presidente Chavez de mi semana y todas las cosas que pasaron. Y después voy a irme a mi casa para tocar mi guitarra y organizarme mejor para la semana que viene. Miracle!
Hermana Smith

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Austin said...

Hi, I'm Corinne Barton,the mother of a missionary in Sis. Smith's mission. Elder Jack Barton. Our thoughts and prayers are with your daughter and our son and all of the people in Chile. Please contact us if you know anything about the missionaries in this earthquake.