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Monday, February 8, 2010

letter and recordings from Feb 8

Hermanas Smith and Rodriguez with a convert
Sami's Chillean Zone before Feb 2010 combios
Hermanas Knapp, Rodriguez, Smith & Torres
So now I have GOOGLE My LDS Mail. Whoa. They were so kind as to think of a name for me: samanthas You can remember it easily because there are more than one of me. Yes cambios were today and no I am not going anywhere. But I will probably move within the next 2 cambios. I weighed myself today because I have noticed that my belly is larger than it was when I got here. I had to pay 200 pesos to weigh myself. I thought for that much it would at least tell me that I weigh less than I do but apparently I payed for the cheap weigh. Anyway. Ahahaha! Yeah, okay. So now I weigh 66,1 kg. I don´t fell bad telling everyone because I really have no idea what that would be in pounds.
More importantly: Claudino was confirmed a member of the church yesterday! And two of our investigators might get baptized this Sunday (14). We are finding more people to teach that are ready to change their lives. I read somewhere recently that the church isn't just a way of worshiping, it´s a way of living. It´s true. I can´t really think of one aspect of my life that isn't affected in some way by my beliefs and this gospel. Pretty cool, huh. Pretty intimidating for new converts, huh. That´s why it is so important to help those people who are making this change. They need help navigating in this new world and feeling comfortable with everything. That´s where we as members come in. Well, ideally we were always in. As in we help the people who are investigating the church from the very beginning so they always have the support they need.
The piano playing isn't going so well (because the only place to play is the church, only during lunch, when I have extra time). No wonder I´m still terrible. Even though it would be nice I don´t think a keyboard would be a good investment for me seeing as I already have to haul around my guitar and all my other stuff. I can´t imagine 2 suitcases, blankets, guitar, AND keyboard. Looks like my playing will have to continue to suffer, and the members with it. :)
I´m glad you got my Christmas package! Especially since I sent it more than 6 weeks ago...

Well, I hope you are all well. Sorry for the shortness this week. Keep it real.
Hermana Smith
From Recordings:
Wed Feb. 3 – I started reading Our search for Happiness (by M. Russell Ballard ) on the bus to district meetings. It is directed at everyone, not to convince anyone the Church is true but to help them understand our religion. I highly recommend it, at least through page 36 which is as far as I have read.
Today was a good day. We are working on finding more people to teach. I don’t know what will happen on combios (transfers).
Monday Feb 8: I thought I would get transferred. Two of the 4 girls in my house will finish their missions in 2 more combios.  I spend Mondays trying to figure out music & playing my guitar. I forget to make recordings the rest of the week, but will try and do better in the future.

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Merrill Family said...

Thank you for your comment on Elder Merrill's blog. We will still do a few more postings on his missionary blog. We had a great time in Chile, but now it's good just to be home with Kurtis. We'll be checking in on Hermana Smith's blog.

Tawna Merrill