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Saturday, May 8, 2010

letter from April 26 - also late

This week was a good one. Not in terms of getting a lot done but definitely in terms of learning a lot. Through the course of this week we "dropped" or were dropped by more than half of our investigators and we haven't found enough new people to really make up the difference yet. But the people that we are teaching are really awesome. I don't remember if I told you that Daniel and Jorge from San Carlos got baptized the Sunday after I left! Daniel is studying here in Conce so he accompanied Hermana Carzoli and I one night. It is amazing the changes the Gospel can help us make in our lives. It was so cool to see how he has changed and grown so much in only a month. He had a lot of doubts when he was investigating but he cleared them all up. It wasn't easy but when we have to work harder for something it always sticks better.

We are teaching some families and also students here. I am definitely learning a lot. I don't feel prepared to train next week but the Lord prepares who He calls so I guess I just need to trust in that.

Oh, last minute requests:

-a little bit of that stuff you use to iron on fabric to other fabric if you have any lying around the house. I bought a winter coat but it is all gray and I want to decorate it a little because I won't be taking it off for the next 5 months.

-to go along with the other request, any cute, small remants you have to make little decorations to make my clothes and coat more "me"

-just so you know, brown sugar doesn't exist here. neither does molasses

-healthy snacks! I am trying to be more healthy because I have gotten fat.

-and if you can't find any healthy snacks you can send me things that aren't so healthy too...

By the way...I ate a huge piece of salmon for dinner on Sunday and it was delicious!!!!!! The Lord has blessed me with the ability to eat fish. Really, that salmon was so good. And we ate beets. Beets are so delicious.

Mom, I hope you have fun in Europe!!!! Don't fall into an erupting volcano, please.

Dad, those pictures of fjkthsamdwjkdtmk are awesome!

Jennie, we can exchange creepy men stories when I get back from my mission. Just kidding!!! (that was for Dad) hehe....

I am 22. How old does that make me feel?

I was going to send more songs but I forgot the cable that connects my recorder so until next week.

Hermana Smith

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