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Saturday, May 8, 2010

letter to President Chavez for May 3

This is a rough translation of Sami's last letter to President Chavez. Next cambio (in 6 weeks) he will be leaving and the Chile Concepcion Mission will get a new mission president.Dear President Chavez,

Thank you for your email. I know that everything will be fine. You can follow by example and not merely by word. I feel weak, but the Scriptures teach us that the Lord gives us our weaknesses to depend on Him and humble ourselves before Him. Good thing we're studying humility this cambio. :)

I am in a period of exponential growth in my mission and I am therefore encouraged. Like Paul, I'll try to boast about my weaknesses because they are opportunities to get closer to the Lord. Something that I realized this week is that everything depends on my attitude. I read a quote in the booklet I received at the beginning of my time here in Chile saying that life is 10% what happens to us and 90%  our attitude toward things that happen. As  Sister Chavez always says: AMP. That's right. So I'm very determined and ready to rely on the Lord because I see my faults. I think I'll appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ much more after that.

We have a few investigators but we are good. We began to teach a young man named Eduardo who is very good. His questions very good and  he understands the meaning of our message, that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. He has attended once and plans to attend again on Sunday. I feel that when he comes to know the truth for himself, he will remain on the road.

We will keep working to find new investigators and to help everyone attend church since it is an important step in his their spiritual progress.

See you tomorrow.
with love,
Hermana Smith

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