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Saturday, May 8, 2010

letter from May 3


I am killing my companion, Hermana Carzoli. She goes home tomorrow and at my 9th month mark I will...have an hija! That's right, fittingly at nine months I will not only be a senior companion but I will be a new mother. So I'm not sure yet who my new companion will be but I will find out tomorrow. It sounds like you guys are having fun in France. I am also having fun in Chile. We don't have a lot of investigators but we pretty much have the best ones in the world. And I just found out that Paloma (the daughter of Enzo and Alejandra, new converts from San Carlos) got baptized late Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made me so happy. It really makes me happy to see people get baptized. All the people that I have taught and seen baptized have left the water happier than when they got in. That's why I love being a missionary. I am honestly not sure how half of my mission has already gone by. A little unjust but that's the way it is, I guess.

We are teaching an awesome joven named Eduardo. We invited him to our English class that we teach once a week (remember when I really liked English and I was thinking of majoring in it? Yeah, never going to happen. I can hardly remember anything anymore. Makes it hard to teach a class...) Anyway, we started sharing with him and he is so great. His family is Evangelical but he hasn't been active for a while. But when we share with him he has the best questions.

Mom, maybe you already know my hija. Elder Jaar says you stalk his blog a lot but that he is okay with it. Don't worry, he will be my zone leader for another cambio.

I don't have any ties to burn and I don't have enough money to burn anything else...

Here are some songs. Obviously not by me.

Jennie, stay away from the flaites. (that word is puro Chile)



ps. I would be "chica" unless you were calling me a boy

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