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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hermana activity

Hey Family,

I don´t know if I will be able to watch the videos you sent today.(we sent videos of a family Labor Day get together at the beach) My P-day is a little different because we are having an Hermana´s activity in Conce! We are all together and it is so fun. We all slept at the mission home last night and this morning we went bowling in the Mall. Sweet. I only broke 100 once. Hey, it´s been awhile.

On Saturday Oscar (a convert from Concepción who was baptised right after Sami left for Constituión) came to visit me in Constitución! It was great but he didn´t have a lot of time to be there. I felt bad because for some reason we could not fix any sure teaching appointments. None of our investigators wanted to share that day or they were busy so we only got to share with one person but it was so cute. It made me so happy. He would say something and then look at us and say, ¨is that okay?¨ like he didn´t want to teach any false doctrine. So great. AND. He gave me the best bag in the whole world. It is so Chileno and so Oscar, it´s my new proselyting bag because it actually fits all my stuff. And he brought ¨verdadero chocolate¨. That is Spanish for ¨true chocolate¨.

When you come to visit I will definitely want to spend some time in Conce and Santiago, visiting converts, and also in the South so you can look and see if there is anything specific that you want to see. I have already decided that I want to come back to visit soonish, but I don´t know how I will get the money yet... So we´ll see. I think the buses are good here but I don´t know what you would think. We could definitely make it on bus but I don´t know if you would like it. And just so you know, public bathrooms don´t really exist in Chile, and if they do, they charge. Para que sepa.

I have a new companion, Hermana Enders. She is from Los Angeles, CA and she has the same amount of time as Hna Robertson. She cracks me up, seriously. I am so excited to keep working with her and help some people prepare acceot the Gospel in their lives this cambio. We haven´t had any more baptisms here in Constitución these weeks. We actually don´t have a lot of people that are progressing very well towards baptism because we don´t have people that are attending church regularly. We are trying to help people make it to church Sundays so they can start to develop their ability to receive personal revelation from God. We do have some great investigators that I really want to help make it to church. Pedro is this middle-aged guy that had an accident a year ago where he was hit by a truck and almost died but he survived, obviously, and is really recuperating well. He is finding new investigators for us. It is so great. he knows SO many people from work and ALL his neighbors so whenever we are with him and people pass by he makes them stop and introduce themselves to us and then tells them that they should share with us so they can find more peace in their lives. Amazing. We´ll see where this goes.

I´m really sorry to hear about Jessica´s (my daughter-in-law) dad.  I know he was suffering for a long time and it was probably hard for her to see that. Being a missionary has really helped me appreciate the Plan of Salvation more. Teaching people who have lost close family members and helping them know that there is a way that they can be with them again is so great. I know that having that knowledge will really help Jessica find find a comfort and surety that there is something more there.

Well, I want to give other Hermanas a chance to write their families so I will share more next week and let you know how the activity turns out. Have a great week!!

Hermana Smith

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