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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short letter - but lots of pictures!

Sami did not have much time to write this week (Monday was still part of the celebration for the 200th anniversary of Chile Independence).But she did send lots of pictures.

You will have to be satisfied with this photo essay for this week. The pictures took a long time and my companion is waiting for me now... This week was great but we didn't spend hardly any time in our sector working (hermanas activity didn't end until Tuesday, then we had a meeting in Talca Wednesday and 18 started Friday and hasn't ended yet) Hopefully we will be able to get back into the groove of things fast.

Photos up until now. The Hermanas activity, my adopted mother here in Chile (Hna Fishbeck / I´m her assistant...), when Oscar came (I still haven´t forgiven Hna Enders for not telling me that my bangs were parted down the midde but it´s good for a laugh anyway)
 Sami and Hna Fishbeck
Hna Fishbeck (the Mission secretary)
 Sami and Oscar (a convert from Concepcion) when he came to visit in Constitucion

We flew kites and everyone had to help me put mine together and fly it (I had never flown a square kite before...). It was sweet. There were two casualties and one close shave while I was flying it (I hit 2 people, it was so funny. I died laughing). Pictures from 18 de Septiembre.

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