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Saturday, September 11, 2010

letter from Sept 6 - short but sweet as usual

Cambios. Hna Cortes is going to Linares and Hna Enders is coming here to Consti to be my companion. Hna Rockwood (from Santa Sabina) is here on an emergency transfer because Hna McCombs is having problems with her foot. Here are some photos from when Hna Egbert and Hna Rockwood tried to dye part of my hair (it didn´t work, at least it didn´t show up). All that show for nothing. We are going to have a sister´s activity next week so I will be able to see Hna Robertson and Hna Meikle, bueno, and all the other Hermanas...
The pictures of baby Alice are SO CUTE! I can´t wait to meet her. I hope we will be friends.

This week was a little tough. We didn´t have any investigators in the Church but we will be working like crazy this week to help people make it to Church on Sunday. I´m really excited to work with Hna Enders, I don´t really know her because I was in Conce when she got here (she has the same time as Hna Robertson) but I have heard good things about her from Hna Egbert (her mother). Hna Cortes is going to Linares. I´m really going to miss her. I love her so much. I already told her that I was going to visit her in Panama. It won´t be the same without her here but I know that she needs to move on to a new place and everything.

I´m really starting to develop a strong love for the members here. It always happens as a process for me. One by one I start to love them until I love them all. I´m so glad that I am here with these people, they really are so strong and such amazing examples of faith and perseverance. I´ll write some more with my next email which hopefully will include some songs for you guys.


Hna Smith!
And some pictures - some from last weeks baptisms 
The swimming pool brought to Constitucion by the assistants to the Pres for the baptism
Sami getting her hair colored by some of her the other hermanas

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