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Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter & pictures from Oct 25

Hey! I´m good. I made some recordings this week, I hope I have time to send them. I´m trying to figure out how to use that hard drive that you sent me in the MTC but every time I try to use it, it doesn't work for me. I just don´t have the magic touch. I think I am going to ask the computer guy to help me... I am computer challenged. I talked to him and he said that the the hard drive isn't working because it is either too old or it is damaged because it got dropped or hit or something (more likely) but now I am really sad because I wanted to see the pictures on it and it is so slow that I can´t even see the images. :( I ruin all technology. I will be trying to send things for you guys to look at / listen to.)

The written info will be short so I can send the recordings too. I met someone from the south of Chile so now we have a friend (niece of a member from Consti) who will let us stay with her if we want. Sweet. Hermana Enders and I have a lot of work to do together before that happens though.

We helped someone with diabetes get to the hospital because she had really high blood sugar (higher than 400!) I thought of you, Mom. So if that ever happens to you, God will send you someone to get you the hospital in time. :) Weird thing to share. Oh well.

love for now

Hermana Smith
(Sadly enough, Sami was unable to send the recordings - maybe next time)
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