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Friday, August 14, 2009

1st email - Friday Aug 14

Sami finally got her email set up & we received her 1st email today (her P-day is Friday). As noted in her letter, she still prefers the dearelder letters versus email while she is in the MTC due to the short time she has access to the computer.

Dear Family,

It is Preparation Day so I get to set up my email account.

So... now you can all email me whenever you want. But the catch is I only have 30 minutes on Preparation days to read AND respond to emails. So it might be better if you sent me DearElder still when I'm in the MTC so I have more time to respond. Wow. So I have 4 letters from you, Mom, and I don't even know where to begin answering all your questions so here goes. (I wish I typed faster...)

I am doing great. I love my roommates. The Hermanas I am companions with and I are the only ones in our room. Normally there are 6 people in a room so it's really nice to be able to spread out and have a lot of space. There aren't any other sister missionaries in my district going to my mission but Hermana McDaniels is going to Santiago East. Hermana Schiffler leaves in 2 weeks to finish her training at the Spain MTC. Who knew there was another one in Spain? My MTC mailbox number is 214 but I think you already know that.I would love it if you just sent some short sleeve shirts to me. I don't know how many I left there but I think I'm going to get rid of some of my shirts that don't stay tucked in very well so it would be nice to be able to replace them. I don't think I will get my travel times until about 2 weeks before I am supposed to leave. My estimated departure date though is October 5 and I don't have to wait for a visa so unless anything bad happens I should be leaving around then.

My study schedule is rigorous but also pretty self-motivated. I feel like I am wasting a lot of time because of my poor planning but I think I am getting better at it. We wake up at 6:30 am every day but the Hermanas and I have been getting up a little before 6 am so we can have gym time that is only for sisters and senior missionaries. Sometimes it is nice to exercise without any elders around. We are supposed to speak Spanish as much as possible which I haven't been that good at but I am trying to use it more. I made flashcards to remember conjugations and learn new vocabulary. SO far I haven't been stressed out by the language. I think there was a reason I took French and German. :) We have gym time and we can play whatever we want. Lately we have been doing volleyball. Sometimes I'll run a mile or so on the track. It's fun. They have 4 square but I haven't tried it yet. I got set apart fine. Actually it was wonderful. President Breinholt set me apart (1st counselor in mission presidency) and he said exactly what I needed to hear without knowing anything about me really. I know it was the Lord who knew what I needed to hear and who guided President Breinholt's words. I got all my shots and paid for them. I might send you something to fill out to see if the insurance will pay for it but I might not. It wasn't too bad and I don't have a lot of time. I love reading your letters, Mom, they are so cute! Anyone else I'm related to who hasn't written me may feel bad now. Except Jennie and my nieces and nephews. I'm REALLY excited to get a letter with a stamp on it!!!!

Hermana McDaniels is from Texas and Hermana Schiffler is from Salt Lake. Feel free to send any and all goodies you want to send. Getting mail really does brighten your day even though I already love it here. It doesn't seem like stressful work at all. But it is work. The quiche sounds yummy. They feed me well here but I haven't seen any quiche. yet... Mom, it really makes me happy that you stalk other missionary's blogs for me. I hope my clothes are warm enough... I got some new skirts today at the Sister Missionary Mall. My companions needed some things they couldn't get in the MTC so we were allowed to go there. One of them was expensive but it is really cute. I might mail you some pictures today. If I have time. I need pictures of pretty much everyone. I don't really have that many at all.
Well, it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun in Washington. I know this sounds mean but I don't miss you yet. It's a good thing! It means I'm not homesick. I haven't been homesick at all actually. But I love you guys so much and I'm excited to be here. The computer is going to kick me off in a few minutes. SOOOO..........



This is my Final Farewell


Hermana Smith

(your _______ ) (insert relation here)

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