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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Samantha's 2nd letter from the MTC

Sami doesn't date her letters, but this seems to have been written on Sunday in a little free time she had. She says her P-day is Friday & hopes to get her email set up this week.

She was set apart in the MTC because we were traveling for several weeks before she entered the MTC. I was a little worried about her being set apart from someone she did not know, but from her letter it sounds like it turned out just right.

Padre y Madre and Jennie,

I don't know if you have received my other letter yet, but I have a mini-P-day today so I wanted to write you. It is still great here. It just gets better and better. I get to study all the time. The only problem is there aren't enough hours in the day. I want to study but I feel like so much of my time is wasted by my poor planning. I learned how to pray in Spanish two days ago! They don't waste any time here. I have been praying for the gift of tongues so I will be able to speak and understand Spanish. But the Lord only helps us after we have done all we can do (D&C 25:23) so I think I will have to sweat a little before I see the Lord's hand more clearly in my efforts to learn Spanish. The food here is tasty. :) Maybe I will get sick of it after a few months, but there are so many more important things to focus on so who cares.

I think I told you who my companions are, Hermana McDaniels and Hermana Schiffler, but I can't remember. So there it is again maybe. I love how there is so much focus here on Christ. Missionaries will come up to you and ask if they can bear their testimony to you in the language they are learning. I don't remember what day it was (they mesh together here...) but three French elders, or French-speaking I guess, came up to bear their testimonies. They were all going to different places and none of them was France (Belgium, Switzerland, and the Ivory Coast). It was so cool to hear them! I think I speak French better than one of the elders though . . . We probably got here the same day.

I pray I will be able to make the best use of my time here at the MTC. It feels like every time I open the scriptures or Preach My Gospel (which is a lot) I learn something new or am inspired in some way. I feel so much peace and excitement at the same time here. When the 1st counselor of the MTC mission presidency set me apart on Wednesday, he said exactly what I needed to hear. I told him hardly anything about myself, but he knew what to say. I know it was the Lord speaking to me through him. Since then I've had that peaceful assurance that this is good and right and where I need to be right now. I wish I could write more but my P-day is almost up and I need to get ready for dinner. My regular P-day is Friday, so I won't write until then. So . . . write me lots! I haven't been able to set up my email yet. I don't think I will be able to until this coming Friday so please write me letters. It is exciting to have something to read. Have an amazing week family.

Hermana Smith
Helaman 5:12

You may send me yummies if you want!

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