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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aug 28 email

We sent Sami a package this week with some goodies, some pictures & bookmarks from her niece and nephews & some stationary that one of her big sisters had made her. So now I will have to wait till Monday or Tuesday to get a letter because she wanted to use the stationary!

Dear Family,

Thanks for the package! It made my day. I got it on Wednesday. The cookies were delicious. I am writing you a real letter because I have new fancy paper!!! Watch out for that. I am also going to try to send some pictures too if I can find an envelope that is big enough. Hna Schiffler was supposed to leave on Tuesday but then she got a really bad nosebleed on Monday morning and we had to go to the ER and get something stuck up her nose. Gross and sad. She is better now. So now she doesn't know when she is going to the Spain MTC because they automatically delay you for 2 weeks if they delay you at all. This week was great. Look for legit written letters in the mail on cool paper (thanks, Jennie). My district loved the cookies (thanks, Mom/Jennie/Xander/Suzanne/Zack). I loved the cookies because they were delicious. I love you. I love you because you are delicious. Have a wonderful day.

Deliciously yours,

Hermana Smith

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