Sami singing the song she wrote

Friday, January 1, 2010

Letter from Dec 28

Sami is getting a new companion this week, so her letter was short. Sounds like there was a lot of movement within her zone at transfers this week.

Dear Family,

I don´t have a lot of time to write this week so here are some pictures. Hermana Grahn is getting transferred to Constitución and is leaving tomorrow so we have to go around and say goodbye to everyone here. My new companion is named Hermana Rodriguez and is coming tomorrow. I´m so excited to work with her!! 

I was able to learn a lot from Hermana Grahn and it was so fun to be able to have someone who could play the piano so well and who appreciates classical music like I do. Hermana Meikle also is leaving (for San Javier). So I don´t know who I will sing with now. Or who will play piano. And I have no idea what is going to happen with the musical number for Zone Conference because it was going to be all three of us but now we will be in three different places... I guess we´ll see what happens.

I sent some pictures of the baptisms this week. Karen (she is so awesome! She is 19 years old and is probably getting married in February!) and Enzo (a little older, 47, he sells gas in the street :) he and his wife Alejandra are so cute!)

Also there is a picture of the Élderes that brought us our Christmas packages. And probably more but I can´t remember...

I love you all and I hope you all have a happy New Year. Play me some Prince, Jeannie...

Hermana Smith

Élderes delivering Christmas packages to Hermanas on Christmas morning!

Sami's district - Dec 2009

Sami's zone - Dec 2009

Companions - soon to be parted
Hermanas Smith and Grahn

Karen - baptized Christmas day

Hermana Grahn, Karen, Hermana Smith
Dec 25, 2009

Hermana Smith, Enzo, ?, Hermana Grahn

Enzo and his wife Alejandra
She was baptized a few weeks ago, he was baptized Dec 27


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