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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Letter from Jan 11, 2010

A really really short letter to us - but I will also include the letter she wrote her sister Jennie. And she did send lots of pictures. I will post the pictures later this week when I have time.

Family/Let´s Be Honest It´s Mom,

Love you all legitly. Playing for Sacrament meeting was fine. A little nerve-wracking. Mom, Thanks for sending me your conversion story! I printed it out to read later today. Heart! I don´t have a lot of time today because I am going to try to send pictures. And sleep. More information to come later!!!

Hermana Smith

And the letter to Jennie:
Dear Jennie.

I am trying to swim in the Spirit but sometimes it is only ankle deep. Don´t miss the fam too much. You are doing something awesome with your time and having so many experiences I´m sure you will never forget (so make sure you want to remember them :) ) I guess the only ¨words of wisdom¨I can give you is that I´m pretty sure I don´t have any. Haha. seriously though. We just have to try our best and be sincere. There isn't really much more you can do. If at the end of the day you can say you honestly tried your best to live the gospel you´re doing good. And use this time to learn to depend on Heavenly Father instead of Mom and Dad. Or yourself :) I still have trouble with that. Not the depending on Mom and Dad but the part where I try to do everything myself. And I know you have that problem too. Don´t try to deny it... Remember that Heavenly Father actually does want to help us. He didn't leave us here alone to try to figure everything out without His help. He wants us to get back there and He will do everything He can to help us. I love you, Man. Keep it real in Francia until I get back.

Hermana Smith

ps  Tell Toni and Jonathan I said hi and that I think I have a letter for them that I will send when I have money! 

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