Sami singing the song she wrote

Monday, January 25, 2010

Letter from Jan 25, 2010

Once again, a short letter from Sami. But she did send us some recordings of her singing with the guitar she bought with her Christmas money, so I will post one of two of them when I have them editied.
I recorded things to share but the computer hates me. I sang with my guitar at a baptism yesterday. It was so awesome. I´m so glad you guys gave me a guitar for Christmas. The service was really special for me, I don´t know why but it was like Karen´s baptism, except I never taught the guy who was got baptized. Maybe it´s because he reminds me of home (he wears all black, every day) good old diversity. Everything here is going really well. 4 months in Chile tomorrow which means 6 months in my mission. Only 1 year left. Wow. Weird. It is all of a sudden really hot and I sweat more then I ever thought possible before. We came home one night to plan and I realized that the back of my hand was actually sweating. I´m sure you all wanted to know that. I played the games Mike sent me EXCEPT I CAN´T REMEMBER HOW TO SET UP BACKGAMMON!!!!!!!! And if you guys could email me some tab or something for more churchy songs that would be awesome. If you have time being retired that is. (Don´t hurt yourself researching pressure washers, Dad). I do not have the package of Tallia and Jon. Some day I would like to visit their exotic vacation destination. This is short. I am sorry. Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee.......

Hermana Smith

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HR Writer said...

So that's the guitar they went to buy...Sami and Mackenzie living in the same home in San Carlos, with their companions. I look forward to hearing more, seeing pics, etc. We are all tied together in unexpected ways.

Carole Morris
Missionary Mom of Mackenzie Knapp