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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter from May 10 & Mother's day call

We had a great conversation with Sami on Mother's day. Jennie and I were in Bad Hersfeld, Germany & Ed, Brian, Jess, Xander, Mike, Jeannie, Suzanne & Zack were in Kent (her other 2 sisters & their families were unavailable) - so we did conference calling with SKYPE (to landlines not computer). She told us how much she and her new companion have in common (they both even play the guitar) and how well they are getting along - right from the start. She loves her new area though it is harder than the poorer, humbler one she was in before. She can't quite get used to the fact that many of the members in this ward are well off (at least by Chile standards). They even got ordered in pizza for lunch one day which she says is expensive & she is actually learning to enjoy eating fish now that she is nearer to the Ocean. Her zone order sweat shirts which you will see in some later pictures - they haven't done any service related work lately, but she expects them to do more in the future. So far, the Chile Spring/Winter weather has not really hit. It is cold at night, but not too much rain so far (probably because all of the rain is in the US & Europe)
Dear Family,

Here are some pictures. I know they don't exactly make up for the past 3 months but that's the best I have right now.

So I am basically having an awesome time. I'm really excited to be working with my new companion, we get along really well and have a lot of work to do here in Santa Sabina so that works out. Wow, that's a lot of work. Ahahaha. I am just too funny, too funny.

Thanks for the photos, Dad. It is nice to know that you all look exactly the same. Me too. Just with more meat. Speaking of meat, I need to cut back on the peanut butter seeing as I eat meat every day. I think I might have a protein overload. So no more peanut butter UNLESS.... it is in the form of candy. I will never say no to that.

I still haven't received your package yet but maybe at zone conference or next Monday...

I haven't felt any temblores all week! Weird.

Thanks for talking to me on the phone, Everyone.

Brian, they are playing your favorite song in the internet café right now: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

We have some really great investigators that just need a little help in applying the things that they are learning. But we also need to find more people to teach so we are working to accomplish that as well. One of our investigators named Katarin just got a new job that doesn't make her work Sundays so she can come to church now. She has been keeping the Word of Wisdom for about half a week now, which may not sound like a long time but for a lot of people that is a big deal. Every time that we share with her I leave so happy! She is so funny and energetic.

We are also teaching Eduardo, a young college student with Evangelical roots. I guess they are more than roots because he plays guitar for his church meetings (I didn't catch that when we started sharing). He is really awesome too. He said he hasn't heard any false doctrine from us yet so he will keep sharing. :) He understands the message we share and what it really means but he doesn't feel it yet, if that makes sense. Logically it makes sense, but that is useless without feeling his own answer from God, so we are working with him in that aspect.

Until next week.


Hermana Smith

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