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Monday, August 30, 2010

Very short letter for August 30

One day I will tell you all the things that have happened these past 2 weeks but today is not that day. Sorry, this computer is slow and I don´t have much money. I am doing great. I still love my companion. We had training in Talca with the Assistants (part of the new program they are doing in the missions). It was amazing. I am so excited to apply all the stuff we learned. next week I will tell you more. I spent too much time trying to figure out how to send you recordings that I made but in the end I couldn't figure it out. Lame. Oh well. Next week. Sorry...... Love you all. Cambios. Don´t think I´m going anywhere.

You can thank your favorite Elder (Elder Jarr) on his blog for being a killer Assistant. He goes home next cambio and he helped us with all our 3 baptisms the past 2 weeks. Especially the 2 baptisms that the other Hnas had yesterday because he and Elder Wilde found a pool we could use (we still don´t have a font or a pool), organized it so the mission paid for the water and drove the pool up from Conce to Consti Friday night. You should take him and Elder Wilde out to to dinner when they get home. They would totally be in to that. (problem is they will be in Provo, I am in WA state - maybe after Sami gets back & we find a reason to go to Provo.)

Hna Smith

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