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Friday, September 4, 2009

Sami's email Sept 4th

We sent Sami a surprise package for her MTC half way mark, which is tomorrow Sept 5.

A phone card would be nice for the airport. I think when we talk to family at the airport they want to keep it to about 30 minutes or less. I can't think of anything else right now except a thin fleece blanket. I think it will be nice to have something I know will be warm since I don't know what my blankets will be like. If there is a way she can pick stuff up I can pretty much guarantee that I will have stuff I won't be able to fit. I'm not sure how that works about someone picking it up from the MTC. I can't upload pictures here. At least I don't know how to. So you will probably have to wait on that until I get to Chile.class="MsoPlainText">

I got your package today!!! It was a really great surpirise. A delciously great surprise. I'm really excited about the candy. I think I will get fat because I like food. A lot. But it's cool. The Lord loves me either way. but they might have weight limits I will exceed on the plane to Chile if I don't stop eating enchilada casserole for lunch cada dia. By the way, the MTC food is so dangerous to the body. Sometimes it is hard to feel the Spirit because I am dying inside. But it's cool. I haven't died yet. (Make sure Dad knows I haven't died yet). Hey Dad, I haven't died yet. DONE. I was a little confused by the sheet in the package but I am really into purple fitted sheets so I was pleased with it.

Hey there. About the letter you will be getting any hour now. I sent it yesterday. Life is busy. And I kept forgetting the letters I sent in my room. My bad.

Xander is smarted than I am. (her just-barely 5 year old nephew who is starting school this year - he already reads, adds & subtracts & does some simple multiplication)

Preach My Gospel is really great! There are study activities throughout the chapters and at the end of all the chapters except the one containing the lessons. Study it up, Family!!!

I went to the temple today. It was so wonderful. If you send me the names of the people who need Initiatories and Endowments done I can have them done in 2 weeks or less. There are a lot of Elders here.

I haven't sung here yet. I tried to check out music to practice but the office was closed. Even though it SAID it was open. Creepy, huh? Yes. Definitely.

I do not like the term "hump day". It does not generate good feelings in my soul.

Dad, I am super into 2 minute baptisms.

(her non-member Dad had found some info on 'two hour baptisms' - from 1st discussion to baptism - that were apparently done at least once in Chile some time in the past - this was her response to her Dad after I had mentioned it to her)

I don't need another towel. I think just one will be fine. But sometimes I find orange fuzzies from my towel all over my clothes and I'm not sure how they got there... Spooky.

I don't remember all the questions you ask me because I am running out of time. But.... I love you all!!!

I'm am loving it here at the MTC (or CCM en espanol). The RC is super cool. I might write you a note talking about more spiritual stuff because I still need to read Dad's email. I probably should have read them both and THEN replied. Oops. Life goes on. I love you all mucho.


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