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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letter received Sept 8, 2009

We got some actual letters (versus email) from Sami yesterday

Dear Amoroso Familia,

You get double the love this week because almost all my letters were from Mom. (Thanks, Mom). I'll probably email you too but I think I'll pull a Nephi and write my spiritual experiences here and email you other shenanigans. I hope you enjoy the pictures. A lot of time and thought went into selecting and commenting on them. It will almost be like I am with you . . . CHISTE! (chiste is a muy stupido word the Elders in my zone use. All the time. Well the word itself is great. It's the misuse/overuse that gets me).

Anyway, this week was amazing. Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak at our devotional on Tuesday! He talked a lot about the power of the Priesthood and the Holy Ghost and how they are real, tangible things. Not just a figment of anyone's imagination. He also talked about acting on impressions we receive from the Holy Ghost. When we write down impressions we often receive more because we are showing the Lord we are willing to act on the impressions He has given us. He also said that sometimes things that are really important to us take a long time for the Lord to answer (Enos 1:3-4). Promptings of the Spirit come when we need them, not when we expect them. Elder Scott also addressed the importance of prayer. He said "Don't rush through the privelege of talking with your Father in heaven". I also got to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple dedication (pronounced Oh-curr mau-ten you-tah) People here in Utah don't know how to spell!

I had an awesome experience in the Referral Center (RC). We are a chatting district so a woman started chatting with me and she wanted to know about the Curch and how it started. I was able to share the message of the Restoration and talk to her about the Book of Mormon. All online! Technology is so cool! We went to the temple today and did sealings. I was a proxy for children to be sealed to their parents. It was so amazing to be a part of sealing families together for all eternity. The temple workers were really funny. They were cute old men. They told me to pick the right person to be sealed to. It was cute and funny. They also talked to us about marriage and how it is difficult. They had such good advice.

Anyways, I love you so muc and I'm so thankful to have been bSorn into such a wonderful, loving family. Let everyone know I love them and I will try to send letters to my nieces & nephews soon. Keep the letters coming. They keep me happy. The gospel keeps me happy but sometimes I get tired or frustrated with learning and Spanish so it's nice to read letters from home. Love you lots!

Hna Sami Smith

Some excerpts from a letter to Jennie:

Just remember, the Lord gives us trials to make us stronger. I can definitely attest to that. I hope your personal and 'companion" study (with Mom, of course) are going well. Use Preach My Gospel. I was scared to use it before my mission but that was a mistake. It is an amazing resource that will help you understand principles of the gospel better and ways to actually apply what you learn to your life. The longer I am here the more I realize justh ow precious time really is. When it feels like you don't have much for yourself you treasure it. Actually P-day is a LOT more stressful than the other days of the week. ... I want to have faith like the Brother of Jared. Did you know that he actually moved a mountain?!? He moved A mountain. Faith is an amazing power and gift from God. Study it. Study all the attributes of Christ. We come closer to Him by becoming like Him. I love you so much! Keep being my amazing sister.

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