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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sami's email from Sept 11, 2009

I am not sure about my stamp situation. I am in the laundry room right now and I forgot all my stamps in my room but I think I am okay. Besides, I think all the rush is calming down with so many different letters. I am having a nice leisurely P-day today. Only 3 letters including another one to you! I might even have time to write in my journal which I probably haven't done for a couple of days. Not enough hours in the day, I tell you.

It's so crazy that Jennie is going to France so soon! Weird. Oh, and Jennie, an Elder in my zone wants your address so he can write you in France. (A little sketchy if you ask me. He is going to Tiajuana... :)

Guess what?!?!

I can speak Spanish!

Sort of. Working on it. I am working on HSI (Hable Su Idioma [Speak Your Language]). That basically means if you know how to say it in Spanish, do it. Don't say things in English without trying in Spanish first. It is really helpful. When I remember....

I ate some of the knock-off applets and cotlets. Muy delicioso! I neglected to share with my roommates with is probably why I am getting fat. Oh well. Just one of the many sacrifices for the Lord. Seriously though. I think I am getting fat. There is too much food here. And I love to eat it. But later I want to die. I don't understand. I think the food here is my trial, it tastes good but it does something to you. Something terrible. changes you.

Let Shana know that if she wants to hang out with the cute guys at the MTC she can come on a mission too. I endorse that.

I know Shana will make fun of me after that. I love you too, Shana. Sticks and stones...

Hna McDaniels and I are NOT alone in our room. 3 other sisters. Better than when there where 6 sisters in the room but still. No megusta. I don't know if I spelled that right. My spelling isn't very good in either language right now...

You're right, Mom. I would rather get a few shorter letters in the week than just one big one. It is fun to get mail!

Oh yeah! Mom, could you write out your conversion story and mail it to me? I though it would be so cool to have that written down so i can read it. I really would love it if you did that.

Your trip to Copalis Beach sounds like it was really fun. I'm cool with you going without me because in a couple of weeks I will have so many "This one time in Chile..." stories I won't know what to do with them. Oh yeah, and I'm serving the Lord. Super cool and important. Mom, the story about you being a beached whale was my favorite thing I have ever read recently. I laughed. I cried. I read it to my companion. I laughed again. It touched me. Also, I am glad you are okay. I can just imagine Brian and Mike thinking you had fallen down and being so worried. I would have done the same. Don't fall down. I'm not cool with that.

Well, Family. I hope you have an awesome week. Keep it real. Be strong. Be cool and legit and all that.

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Hymn 120

2 Nephi 26:24-28

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