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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sami's email from Sept 18

Sami didn't have alot to say this week - though she promised she is working on a letter for me. She and her companion did get to do an endowment session for 2 of Sami's Great Great Grandmothers - and the elders in her Zone are working on doing the Initiatory and Endowment for a couple dozen of our ancestors (including my Dad) - since we have no priesthood holders in are family it was nice to have someone to do the work.  Sami's Madre.

All of the things in the list look good except I probably could do without #7 because a lot of people know about them so if I really want to keep my money in the event of a mugging I would need to be more creative. I have some ideas up my sleeve. I could use some more forever stamps but I might just buy them because by the time I get them I would practically be going to Chile where I would probably need international stamps to send it through the regular mail. I still don't understand the pouch service. If you could just keep about $150 in my checking account that would be awesome. And let me know if I run out of money. I shouldn't be using my card that much but it is nice to have it just in case. Oh! Mom, if you have any extra clinique black mascara you don't want I would love some of that because mine is running out. But definitely not necessary. It would just be nice. I might be sending you guys a lot of stuff. Depends on how much I can fit in my suitcases...

Thanks so much for the information on our ancestors. It was really cool to read that and then go to the temple for those people. I'm excited to have pictures of some of them too. :)  If I get them (3 men who need temple work we forgot to send) by next Friday I think I should be able to find people to get them done. The two female names are done and I will mail them back to you today. The male names have had all their initiatories done and next Friday they should have all their endowments done as well. Thanks. Mom!

I was sorry to hear about Hugh Morris (Sami's dad's cousin). It's really cool that he is going to be cremated and spread over the places he loved most.

I hope you had fun at the Puyallup fair! Fair scones. Elephant ears. BBQ. Yum!

Elder Holland came to speak for our Tuesday devotional! It was so cool. I will try to write more about it in the letter that I started last week that I have failed to send because I am terrible at writing letters to my family. The very people who love and cherish me the most.

Tallia and Jon sent me a package with a picture (ultrasound - Tallia & Jon Bryner are Sami's friends & her 'Provo parents' - their baby is due right after Sami leaves for Chile so she won't actually meet her until she returns) of my new sister and the most delicious cookies. They seemed to be a gift from God.

I leave in a little more than 2 weeks! so weird. I should have my flight plans next P-Day so i can give them to you. Sorry this email is so lame. But know always that you are in my heart, dear Family. I want you to know the feelings of my heart. Feelings of love. Feelings of gratitude. Feelings of other things I can't think of right now.

I am sick.

Estoy infermo.

An old lady in the temple noticed I was sick and gave me 2 unmarked pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sketchy. I might try them on my companion first. She is strong like a horse.

I play volleyball a lot in gym.

I love you all a lot! You too, Brian.

Hermana Smith

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tallia said...

it is safe to take any pill that anyone gives you in the temple.