Sami singing the song she wrote

Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Picture and Email from Chile

We finally received the email from the mission secretary in the Chile Concepcion mission with info about Sami & a scanned copy of a letter she had written. Turns out she had given them the wrong email address which is why we did not receive ours with everyone else.

President and Hermana Chavez with Sami
Sami's companion is Hermana Grahn and they are serving in or near Chillan, Chile. The mission secretary said he overheard Sami talking with her companion about setting up a choir in their ward and doing a musical number for an upcoming Zone conference.

Below is a transcript of her letter
Dear Family,
    I have arrived in Concepcion safely! President and Sister Chavez are so nice and friendly. Sister Chavez is so cute! I'm not sure where I will be yet except it is 1 1/2-(hrs-ish) north of here. I'm sure that really narrows it down. :)  Concepcion is so beautiful. It looks a lot like Washington. Very green. When we were flying from Santiago to Concepcion I could see the tops of the Andes Mountains from the window. Awesome! I hope you can read this, I lost my pen somewhere between here and LAX. I am so excited to get to work! By the way, I don't know Spanish very well. That's about to change. After I understand what people are saying. There are apparently a lot of stray dogs here. Good thing I love animals that could potentially bite me. :)  President Chavez told me they like the Elders better anyway. Well, the point is that I am alive and in one piece. Keep your fingers crossed. Watch Elder Holland's talk. I love you, legitimately.
      Hermana Smith

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