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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sami's email from Sept 25

I am a bit behind in posting to Sami's blog - so while I am waiting for a phone call I am afraid I might not get (her plane to Chile leaves in 35 minutes) I will update the blog.

Not a lot of time today so my email will be a little lame. And I type slower because my English is terrible now. I haven't gotten my flight plans yet. All the missionaries going to Santiago East (4 in my district) got their flight plans but all of going to Concepcion haven't gotten ours yet. I'm getting a little antsy. I want to go! But I still love it here. Prep time is running out. My Spanish definitely isn't up to par but that was to be expected. I sent some letters home today with pictures. I didn't know Jennie's address so I couldn't send her anything. Sad. But she told me about her sketchy men experiences. I don't know how I feel about it. I'm excited for the package(s)! I think I will have a lot of things I won't be able to take with me though. A lot.

I only have a little more than one week left here. It is so crazy but I'm gad I had this time to prep. I think Heavenly Father sent me Spanish speaking so I would have enough time to firm up my knowledge of gospel things to strengthen my own testimony a ton without leaving me here long enough to go crazy. It's been working great so far. I love the scriptures. They are so cool! I did not know that before. My bad. Have you been studying with Preach My Gospel? It is a great resource for everyone because it is designed to help the missionary so they can help the people. So genius.

Just kidding. i just got my flight plans! Delta flight 4701 SLC to LAX 9:51 am to 10:45am. Then Lan Chile S.A. LAX to SCL flight # 601 (Santiago) 1:20 pm to 5:25 am. Then Lan Chile S.A. SCL to CC (Concepcion) fight # 203 8:00 am to 9:05 am

I don't have time to tell you any more because I have to email Jennie and write a letter to Amy. Love you all!!! I am leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Smith

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