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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 25 email and pictures

Once again we have a very short email from Sami. This time the computer deleted her email (or so she says) - and she only had time and inclination to type a very short summary. I fear that I am doomed to never receive the long chatting emails that I desire - but she did send a bunch of pictures - and since a picture speaks a thousand words, I guess she did ok.
Yeah, my email deleted itself. I hate computers. I don´t want to write it again. Sorry. Also I think Hermana Grahn probably would like to leave (the internet cafe).

Here is a summary:

I am alive
The food is good
There are no bathrooms in the mountains except the mountains I want chocolate and music (cds of classical choral and instrumental (womens chorus etc.) and various sheet music (o divine redeemer etc) Art
(a friend from college) should stop having swine flu. You are having fun as a family. This is good. PMG (Preach My Gospel) is also good. Halloween is exciting. I hate technology. I have your letters I will write you a real letter.
Hermana Smith

(I had emailed her asking about her trip to the mountains last week & what she wanted for Christmas. I also told her about our family event carving pumpkins with her sister, Jennie, 'participating' via video call from Orleans, France, and that we would be using 'Preach My Gospel' as the basis for our 1st Sunday lessons in RS next year - thanks in large part to her great enthusiasm for it)

Hermana Smith and her companion Hermana Grahn in their apartment in San Carlos
Apartment in San Carlos
Sami and the 3 other hermanas that live with her in San Carlos
This picture was taken on the trip to the falls last P-day
Hermana Grahn keeping Sami company while Sami slept off her illness on a trail near the falls

 Tarbinas Falls

Hermana Grahn by the falls

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