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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sami's last email (Oct 2) before she left for Chile!

This is Sami's email from Oct 2nd. We had hoped for a nice phone conversation with her today (Oct 5), but only got to talk for a few minutes. She hoped to talk more while in the LAX airport - but it was not to be - so now we will wait for email from Chile.  *** Sami's plane left SLC over an hour late - so they did not have enough time at LAX to make any calls. There are several very disappointed Missionary Moms (and Dads) today.

I got a letter from Alice Sage!!!! (Sami's best friends, Tallia & Jon Bryner had their baby daughter Alice on Sept 28) Cute!!! I am excited for pictures but unless I get them today or tomorrow I don't think I will get them here because I leave so early on Monday.

I think I will try to call Jennie at the Salt Lake airport. Probably around 8:30am-9am Mountain Time but I'm not sure how long it will take to get through security or if I need to do anything else. If I don't get to talk to her then I will probably try again at LAX around 11:30 am Pacific Time. Sorry for the confusion, Jen.

Mom and Dad, I will try to call from LAX probably anywhere from 11 am to 12:30 pm. It will depend on who I am with and how much time we have but I will definitely be calling from LAX. (Jennie got her call in France - but we did not get the expected LAX call)

Packing is pretty crazy with General Conference because our schedule is so weird now. Take good notes! I am thinking of questions I want answered so I can think about them during General Conference. I have a lot of questions about the Atonement for this one. My teacher Hermana Bott summed it up perfectly when she said, "I have a lot of questions but I have no doubts". That is how I feel. I know this church is truly led under the direction of Jesus Christ and that this message is so vitally crucial for everyone to hear. I have a lot of questions but they help me understand what I know better. I am so excited for General Conference!!!!! Way to go out with a bang. Haha.

I think I might just try to mail a package home because I don't have too much stuff to send home. If I don't think I will need something I can just give it to someone else unless it is so unique I will never be able to replace it. This sucks. I just talked around saying one word because I can't remember how to spell it in English and I don't want anyone to make fun of me.

I'm sorry to hear about Jack Hinckle (the grandfather of some friends who had moved from Kent to Idaho - they were back in town for his funeral) but I am glad you were able to see the Sotutus. I miss them. They are so cute.

The package is here but I haven't had time to pick it up yet. At least I think it is from you. At any rate, someone sent me a package and it is probably you but I have to go now. I love you. I will call you so I will not talk to you anymore now.

You are great.



Hermana Smith

I will be in Chile soon so do not write me here. I will not reply. By "here" I mean the MTC. Peace out.

Below are some FACEBOOK pictures of the new and improved Bryner family.

Tallia, Jon and Alice Sage Bryner

 First real outfit

Alice and her new best friend - the family dog
Some last pictures from the MTC

MTC Companions together one last time

Hermanas Smith and McDaniels as they leave the MTC

Some of the elders traveling to Chile with Sami

  Pinata from Sami's friends Tallia, Jon & Alice

What is left of the pinata

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Bartons said...

My name is Corinne Barton. I'm pretty sure my son, Elder Jack Barton was the group leader on the same flights and with the same group of missionaries that left the MTC today with "Sami".
I have been feeling a bit blue today because I never got "that phone call" from him and he never sent us any info about a new address in Chile. So tonight I was just searching around on the internet and happened on to this blog on page 3 of googling "Concepcion Chile Mission". Achhhhh! I was so excited because your letter answered alot of questions I had today. If you don't mind, I'll follow along with Sami's mission blog a little. Sami, if you see this and you know Elder Barton, tell him I said Hello and I hope you both have a wonderful mission!!