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Monday, October 5, 2009

Letter from Sami - started Sep 18 - finish Sept 25.

This is a transcription of a letter Sami wrote us over 2 consecutive P-days .

Hola Familia!
Como fue su semana? Guess what? I just wrote you an email. Sweet. So Hna McDaniels and I have a progressing investigator in the TEC (Teaching Evaluation Center). His name is Diego. I'm not sure if he is 18 or 27. Hermana McDaniels thought he said 27 and I thought he said 18. Oh the joys of Spanish. I guess we’ll never know how old he is. I didn’t get to talk to Annie from the RC on Wednesday. I’m not sure if she got on to chat or forgot. I know I should (resuming this letter exactly 1 week later) finish what I start but time goes by so fast.  I still have more letters to write but oh well. New news about my progressing investigator you just read about. He is leaving! He got an internship so he can’t work at the MTC anymore because he doesn’t have time. Hna McDaniels and I are very sad. I really felt a connection. Like I was able to help him with his concerns and problems through the Book of Mormon. And now we can’t teach him anymore. I think the field is like that a lot. Either you get transferred or they get busy or just don’t want to hear about the gospel anymore. But you can’t avoid. You can’t help loving people when you share something so special and sacred to you with them. It is impossible. I am so excited for the field in a few weeks. It will probably be the hardest thing I have ever done, but I know if I put everything I have into the work it will bring me some of the greatest joy I will ever feel. It will bless and affect the rest of my life. I didn’t really understand missions until I got here. I still don’t fully understand the magnitude and sanctity of this calling, but I know it is something very important. And I know it is something I am supposed to do. I love it. It feels so right. It is softening my rough edges and making me better than I was. I care about people more. I want to learn more. I have more compassion towards other people. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I am on the right path. It’s a long one, but it’s the right one. Look and study in ‘Preach My Gospel’ in chapter 4. Study the section about prayer of faith. I want to send you quotes from ‘Preach My Gospel’, but I don’t have it with me. There are some awesome quotes by President Hinckley and President Hunter about prayer. You should read Mosiah 27 as a family and discuss Alma the Younger’s experience and study more about his life after his conversion. I love you guys so much. Write to me about new things you are learning about anything. I want to know. Enjoy the pictures. I will try to be better at writing better letters.
Hermana Smith

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