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Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally a nice long letter

Okay, I'll stop thinking that I am so funny any day now. I am doing great. President and Hermana Humphrey are awesome! I am so excited to work with them. It's true that there are some changes that President Humphrey mentioned that are coming from SLC. For example, it sounds like we might get a little bit of new material, like a new program to work with. I hope so. I was so excited when he was talking about it! Also, we will have conferences and interviews ever 12 weeks instead of every 6 weeks. And it sounds like President and Hermana Humphrey will be working more closely with us and our investigators. I am honestly so excited. We have interviews this Wednesday so we'll see what happens. (The Concepcion Mission got a new mission president this past week - the missionaries were a little concerned since they all loved Pres and Hermana Chavez so much, but I have only heard good things about the new president and his wife)

How weird that Megan and Jeanee (2 friends of Sami's who just returned from their missions - Megan in Canada and Jeanee in Argentina) are back already!!!! Que extraño. I guess I'll be back soon enough. Even weirder!!!  Tell them both that I said hi!

It sounds like you guys had fun for the 4th. I do miss our game nights a lot.(our family loves to play board games - and Sami's older brother owns almost every one ever invented - so we get together often with her married siblings and their families to play games)  We had a FHE at Oscar's house and we played spoons. We tried to put them on the other side of the room but it didn't work out too well. I almost died. Twice. Not really, but I did dive for a spoon in a skirt and big rubber boots if you can imagine that. If you can't don't sweat it, I'll tell you about it later. It rains A LOT here but the big problem is the drainage in the streets isn't very good. And if you can imagine how windy it is in San Carlos think about being that much closer to the coast. Only strong umbrellas hold up here. I use all the things you sent me to keep me warm and I am sharing them with Hija also. But I have bad news... I managed to lose my two favorite hand warmer things (the blue ones you made and the teal ones) within 2 days of each other. It wasn't too long ago so I still have hope that I can find them again... Oh, about a package, I would rather you skip on the peanut butter and put in brown sugar or more chocolate chips instead... I can find PB here now but not brown sugar at all. Sad because I would like to eat chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

The work is going great. Oscar, Yamil, Erika y Michele, and Juan Carlos all came to church on Sunday! Cute. I sent pictures with us and Oscar so you can put a name with the face. Lookin sharp in a suit. Erika and Yamil and Michele (a cute little family!) came for the first time yesterday. We have been sharing with them for about 3 months at least, they are so nice and it looks like they liked church so we'll see what happens next week. We might be having a FHE with them tonight with our Ward Mission Leader, Hno Alejandro. Juan Carlos is an older gentleman who comes to our English classes. We invited him on Tuesday and he showed up on Sunday. Right on. That's what I like to see. Initiative.

I have beat Hija at backgammon 2 times now (we don't have that much time to play) therefore I am the undisputed champ of backgammon in Santa Sabina. Por lo menos según que yo sepa.

I am trying to figure out the guitar to go with Ave Maria that you sent me so when I have that ready, I'll send it on over. We might be moving to a new house soon, we'll see what the mission says. Anyway. Miss you. Love you. Keep it real, por favor.


Hermana Smith

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