Sami singing the song she wrote

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

News from July 19

Family Ties,

Okay, I will attempt to describe these pictures...

I will include her explanations with the pictures which I will post at the end of this post.

Cambios are next Monday. I'm not sure what will happen but I think that it is probable that one of us is leaving at the very least. Personally I think that Hermana Knapp will come take my place but that is just me. I don't really know. (I guess we will have to wait until next Monday to find out if Sami is correct)

Oscar is doing great. He is the best investigator ever. By the way, he is probably reading this. Oscar, ¿ha leido en el Libro de Mormón ya hoy día? Si no lo ha hecho sabe que tiene que hacer....

When does Jennie come home? It's kind of weird to think that you will all be chillin at home without me but I guess that is nothing new from the past almost 12 months of my life. (I think Sami has been a little homesick the past couple of weeks since knowing her sister will be coming home from her year of teaching in France & Sami won't be around to see her - but just a little over 6 months left - so the time will fly for all of us I am sure)

I am kind of frustrated with myself because I feel like I have let my spiritual progression slow down at lot, at least it is getting harder to notice the progress I am making. But I suppose that happens in anything really. When I was singing there were times that I could note my progress really easily and other times when I didn't feel like anything was changing but what really counts is the final product: Me! Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) last night at a member's house and we brought Oscar. It was pretty sweet. Hija (Hna Robertson) and I ended up playing guitar. Oh yeah. I can't decide if I'll leave my guitar here when I peace out from this sector. If I leave it I might die but if I take it with me my hija might die. Bueno, blessings are given for sacrifices.

I made a necklace and earrings!!! They are cute. I really like to make things. When I come home I will make things all day long. Food, jewelry, crafts, harem pants. The possibilities are endless. I mentioned the harem pants because I saw some cool linen pants that I really wanted to buy but I stopped myself because I feel like I am becoming too materialistic. I only say that because I don't have any money. Haha. But really.

I don't have any new songs to send you of my own make but I have remembered quite a few from before. Or at least parts if them. Hurt, Engine Driver, Mariner's Revenge Song, etc. It really frustrates me when I can only remember part of a song. Lame. Anyway. It doesn't really matter because what I am doing right now (sharing the gospel) is a lot more important and I don't have a lot of time left to do it.

I started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning again. I started it in the MTC but now Oscar is reading it from the beginning and I wanted to be able to relate better to what he was reading and keep up with him so he wouldn't have to do it by himself. It's pretty sweet. Lots of action in the first part. I love the Book of Mormon so much. I was thinking about it and it's almost like Heavenly Father gave us a picture book or something. Like He gave us all the gospel principles but He put them in a cool book. Like a comic with a moral message. Or not. Just some random thoughts I had. Obviously the Book of Mormon is much more sophisticated than my simplified explanation for me!

Thanks for sending me a package! You guys are cute and the best and I miss you. I will be Chilena when I get home.

Loves and a giant beso por cada quien,
Hermana Smith
 Sami and her companion made cinnamon rolls for Oscar (an investigator) and his family
Sami's boots died & smelled like mold, so she had to throw them out
Which made her very sad
It is very cold - inside and outside their apartment
The 4 hermanas moved to a new apartment this week & are very happy about it (I do not know why or what was wrong with their original one)
Sami's companion (Hermana Robertson) playing Sami's guitar.

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