Sami singing the song she wrote

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Much fun to write

Sami was apparently having too much fun doing other things to write much this week - but that's ok - the email came so late that I was afraid I was not going to get one at all - and a short letter is better than no letter!
Hey. I have almost no time to write today because of poor planning so it´s really great that you enjoyed the longer email from last week. Things are great here. President Humphrey is great. My companion is great. Our investigators are great. We are still looking for more people to teach but that is an eternal process, I guess. I miss you guys a bunch. I´m learning a lot but I will be really happy to be able to talk to you and hang out with you in person and not over email. The final stretch is looking pretty long but I suppose that´s normal. It makes sense since it was so easy for me at the beginning that I would have to hit a rough patch at some point. But don´t worry. The chances of me coming out alive are pretty good. The dress standards did change, by the way. Anyway. I´ll talk to you all later. Hope you have an awesome week and all.


Part of what she was doing was watching the eclipse of the sun which you could see in Chile. She told her Dad it was 'bakan' - which is apparently a Chilean slang word for good.

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