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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sami is on the move again

Transfers are Tuesday July 27 and Sami will be moving to Constitución, a resort town on the coast that suffered considerable damage during the Tsunami.
MOM! What´s up, Foxy Lady?!? I am awesome. I am also going to Constitución tomorrow! Crazy, huh? When I got to San Carlos I thought that I was going to go to Conce and Consti. And won´t you just look at that. And guess who is coming to take care of my hija? Hna Meikle!!!!! One of my favorite missionaries in the whole freakin world!!! My hija is so lucky.

Oscar is doing well, I think. It will be sad to leave him here in Conce but I am pretty sure we will keep being friends after the mission so it doesn't make me too sad right now. I just hope that he can figure things out and make the right decisions that will help him understand why we talk so much about how great the Gospel is because he will be living the blessings, not just hearing about them. But I know that Hna Robertson and Hna Meikle are going to be SO AWESOME together. They are going to help so many people here in Santa Sabina. Seriously. I just see that ending up being a dream team with a little bit of time.

We found some new investigators that came to church this Sunday for the first time and Cindi (the name of the mom/wife) bore her testimony in RS about a Priesthood blessing she had received. Wow. They are relatives of a member and they have an appointment Tuesday. It will be tough not knowing what is happening with all our investigators like them, Oscar, Katarin, Leila, Roberto, Angela, Lilian and Roberto (they told us last night that they want to get married!!!!! First time they have said anything like that in the past 5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). And I will miss the Hermanas so much. We had Christmas in July last night and I ate so many cinnamon rolls, cookies, and completos that I am really surprised that I didn't upchuck everything. But life is just full of little surprises like that I guess.

I still have to think about the guitar. I have until tomorrow morning to decide. I did think of the option you put out there of taking it with me and then leaving it for Hna Robertson as my legacy when I go. I think that is probably my favorite option right now...(although Sami loves having the guitar she bought for Christmas, she has considered leaving it with her companion, Hermana Robertson because she has also enjoyed playing it. I selfishly kind of hope she keeps it until her mission is over because I enjoy getting recordings of her guitar playing and singing.

How crazy that Jennie is almost home! (from her teaching in France) Sounds like your trip (this is to Mom, Brian, Jessica, and Xander) was really fun. (we went to CA to visit Sami's sister and her family) Yours too (that was to Jennie).

Well, I have to go pack up my life now. Luckily we just moved about a week and a half ago so it won´t be a big deal because I never really unpacked myself the first time. Keep it real and legit donde se encuentren ustedes.

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