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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sami's letter to President Humphrey, Aug 16, 2010

President Humphrey,

I love Constitution.  This past Sunday Diego was confirmed a member of the Church.  He already has many friends and acquaintances within the Church that will help him to remain steadfast on this path.  This coming Sunday, we have three more baptisms scheduled. Truly, I am seeing many miracles here. I'm still surprised how easily people open the door to let us in (I got used to Concepcion where it is a little harder to enter homes.).  Still there are many people that do not want to listen but upon applying this new program group and the simplified lessons approach, it is easier to find and to be focused on the people that are more prepared to listen and to accept the restored Gospel.  We are gathering together at the Polytechnic College here while the chapel is being repaired. We had our first Sunday here yesterday and it looks good. I expect good things of my time here in Consti. Although we do not have a chapel at the moment.  I do not feel that it will be more difficult to work here.

That is fine.
Sister Smith

Presidente Humphrey,

Me encanta Constitución. Este domingo pasado Diego se confirmó miembro de la Iglesia. Él ya tiene muchos amigos y amistades dentro de la Iglesia que le ayudarán a seguir firme en este camino. Este domingo que viene, tenemos tres más bautismos programados. De verdad, estoy viendo muchos milagros aqui. Todavía me soprende cuan facilmente la gente abre la puerta para dejarnos entrar (me acostumbré a Concepción donde es un poco más difícil a entrar en los hogares). Igual hay muchas personas que no quieren escuchar pero al aplicar esta nueva programa del grupe de enfoque y las lecciones simplificadas, es más fácil encontrar y enfocarse en las personas que están más preparadas para escuchar y aceptar el Evangelio restaurado.

Estamos reuniéndonos en el Colegio Politecnico aqui mientras se está reparado la capilla. Tuvimos el primer domingo ayi ayer y nos fue bien, entonces, espero cosas buenas de mi tiempo aqui en Consti al pesar que no tenemos una capilla por el momento. No siento que hará más difícil la obra aqui.

Que esté bien.

Hermana Smith


Merrill Family said...

I haven't read Sami's blog for awhile, so it was fun catching up. What great missionary experiences she is having. I'm excited for you Carole to go to Chile. Hope everything works out for the trip!

-Tawna Merrill

Lexie said...

Carole - Thank you for your comment on my brother's blog (Elder Austin Nelson). I will definitely pass on the message to him. It is also great to find out about other missionaries serving with him. Your daughter seems fantastic and her testimony really glows throughout her letters. Thanks for sharing.