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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First week in Constitucion

Hey Family!!! Here are some photos that I hope you will all be really in to.I would explain what each one is but honestly I´m not sure which ones I sent. There is one with me and Guillermo from Santa Sabina that I sent because I thought I looked really intellectual and he looked really gangsta but it turns out that there were little animals and hearts on his doorag so not so much after all. Then a bunch of me with various people before Hna Legget and I left for Talca. Love that girl. Also love my Hija and the Tía (Hna Rockwood). I really will miss them. Oh but guess what?!?!?? My hija gets to be companions with Hna Meikle/Miekle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Hna, I just sat here for a couple minutes trying to figure out how to spell your name. Didn´t work. So you get both. They both look wrong/right for some reason.

You saw Matt Varelia! (a friend of Sami's from HS) Crazy. I miss that kid. And Berith (her voice teacher) too. I am definitely thinking about studying voice again when I get back. By the way, I´m not sure if I get back in January or the end of February because my date to finish is in the middle of the cambio but I´m going to ask President Humphrey today to find out which one it is. If I leave in Feb, I might be here in Consti for the one-year mark after the earthquake and tsunamis. Crazy.

I definitely miss the people from Santa Sabina, especially since I didn't get to say goodbye to all of them. I have a lot of letters to write... I made 2 bracelets this morning and then we went to the ferria and I bought carrots, 3 tomatoes, and an avocado for $1 USD!!! I love Chile. Seriously though. The people here are so funny.

We have a lot of great people here to teach. I am working on getting to know them so I can love them as much as all the people from Conce. But I've heard that the more time you have in the mission, the easier it becomes to really love the people. I am so excited to work here. We found 10 new investigators this past week!. We found a whole family that lives in the same apartment complex as us, just one building over. There names are Alejandra (Ale), Henri, Florenza (Flor), and Juliete, and Ale´s sister Sofia. We met them because Friday morning we went to go turn the power on (it short circuited or something) and while we were outside we heard Ale yell for help and then saw something burning in front of her door. Turns out that she had put some baby blankets to dry on he gas stove and while she was in the other room they caught on fire. That´s when she threw all the stuff outside and called for help. We went over about 20 minutes later to see if she was okay and that´s when we met her and her husband Henri. We went back on Saturday to share with them and they are awesome. Super nice. We had a good lesson about the Atonement and we started talking about baptism but we didn't have enough time to really do it justice and explain it well enough but we have an appointment to go back on Thursday. I´ll keep you updated on that.

My new companion is SO FUNNY. I love her. her name is Hna Cortes and she is from Panama. She is a tiny stick and looks like a model. She loves Shakira and  Toby Maguire (?) from Spiderman. Hna Grahn was her trainer too so we really are sisters. Hna Cortes was here in Constitución for the earthquake. She had just gotten to Chile 3 weeks before.

I kept the guitar.

It is in my will.

In the case of my timely death (ie when she leaves her mission) next year it will be left to my Hija.
Sami and Guillermo from Santa Sabina
The four hermanas from Santa Sabina
Sami and her Santa Sabina companion
Sami and Hermana Leggett from Santa Sabina
Hers is an excerpt from the email Hermana Leggett sent to her mom today:
So, yep Im now in the little town of San Javier!  The trip over was really good because I traveled with Hermana Smith, who is going to Constitucion (she can keep an eye out for my converts), and I got time to write a few notes to some people in Constitucion to send with her.  Hermana Smith played the guitar while we were waiting for the bus.  She makes me happy when she sings and plays the guitar. 
(I am glad that Sami has the opportunity to make people happy with her beautiful singing!)
 Sami and Hermana Knapp who was with her in San Carlos
Sami and her new companion, Hermana Cortes
Hermana Cortes along the shore in Constitucion.

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