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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Special Baptism

Oscar, one of Sami's investigators got baptized this Sunday. She was sad not to be there, but happy that he had finally made the choice to accept the Gospel. Luckily someone from her old sector sent her pictures of the baptism.
Hey Mom, sorry. It won´t be a long letter this week. (her zone went to the beach today) i talked to my Hija!!!  Hna Egbert needed a number from Santa Sabina so she let me call. Then I talked to her and she told me about how Oscar got baptized (and Marleni sent me photos too) and  I was so happy / sad that I wasn´t there that I cried and it was really awkward. I am SOOOOOO Happy but also sad.  

Diego got baptized here in Constitución. His baptism was so cute. He and his friend Daniel listen to Heavy Metal rock. Would you ever guess that by looking at them? Never. I did a musical number for his baptism with my guitar (I´m glad that I brought it, too) and while I was playing I was definitely thinking about how Oscar was getting baptized at the same time so I sang for both of them. It really breaks my heart a little that I wasn't there with him. But if I hadn't come here, maybe Diego wouldn't have gotten baptized too. Who knows. God works in a mysterious way.
I was lucky enough to be online when Sami was doing her email, so we sent some short emails back and forth. We discussed whether she would try & come home early to possibly try out for vocal performance or stay as long as possible. Also whether or not I would go down to pick her up and let her show me around Chile.Her last comments were:

We just have to decide 4 months before I leave because that is when they start to make the flight plans and everything. I would love to check stuff out with you, mom. I love Chile so much. I am going to be soooooooooooooo sad when I have to go home. No offense. 

Diego's baptism in Constitucion

At the Beach
I have not found out who the one in the brace is yet
The missionaries playing 'Cheeky Monkey' - 
a game that Sami's brother Mike sent her for Christmas

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