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Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter from Nov 1

Estoy bien. Estoy cansada pero feliz. Fuimos para ver un puente esta mañana y el paseo estuvo bueno. Tuvimos una investigadora en la iglesia ayer. Carol se llama. Sin la ¨e¨.  This week was good. I sure am learning a lot! You know what that means. And if you don´t, even better. We helped the other Hermanas with their baptism on Saturday. I did a musical number. I think I have done a special number at the majority of the baptisms that I have seen here in Chile. Good thing I love to sing. I just hope that no one gets sick of hearing me. I've been kind of distracted these days so I´m trying really hard to cut it out and get it back together again. We have some great people but we have decided to focus on just a few of them until we can help them accept the Gospel, then we can move on and help the rest. We decided to focus on Carol, Hector, and Doralisa, Catherin, and Daniela (a family of 3, they are really cute!). So we are going to focus on them and see if we can help them better that spreading ourselves too thin and not accomplishing much. I saw Hna Robertson at a Zone Conference! I love my hija. She really is the best. I´m glad that she is so close so that we can probably see each other a little more often. Thanks for the packages! I will let you know when I get them. Sorry the email is so short this week. I will be better next week, I hope. :) I´m glad you guys had such a happy Halloween. That´s the idea! Hope you keep enjoying yourselves until I get back. Then you can be lame with me while I rest. Then we will all jump up and have fun together again.

Hermana Smith

Hey Dad, what´s up? Just felt like writing a note to YOU and only you. I have been in Chile for so long. Did you realize that? Haha. Just kidding. But really, my mission has gone by really fast and I´m excited that I will see you guys next...year. Maybe not so fast. ha. Really though. This has been the best decision that I have ever made in my life. I feel like I´ve learned stuff that would have taken me years and years to learn without my mission. But don´t worry. Expect your same Sami, I´m still me! But now I speak Spanish and I have an even stronger testimony of God and Jesus Christ so nothing bad happened. Love you, Dad!!


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