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Monday, November 8, 2010

letter from Nov 8

Señora Smith,
Gracias por su carta. Me encanta escuchar de su semana y las cosas que hizo con la familia. Ojalá que podamos hacer cosas divertidas cuando yo vuelva también. :) (Thank you for your letter. I love listening to your week and the things he did with the family. Hopefully we can do fun things when I come back too.) Your castellano seems pretty good to me. I´m excited to hear you speak it. Who knows, you might speak it better than me! (not a chance of that, but I am learning as much as I can & now always write a couple of sentences in Spanish in my letters to Sami)
We are having problems again getting investigators that come to church and progress. We have 3 families that we want to focus on so that we can help them progress.
Familia 1: Doralisa (mamá), Catherine y Daniela (hijas) They are a reference from the Bishop and a really awesome family. They were going to come to church yesterday but work came up at the last minute and they said that they weren´t able to come. We are going to work with them this week to try to get them to church this Sunday. I know that they will feel really good in church. They need a lot more peace in their life (the dad of the family passed away in a car crash about a year ago).
Familia 2: Lorena y Mauricio y sus hijos. Lorena was a reference from a member as well. She just recently had an operation so we tried to visit her in the hospital but we ended up visiting this tiny old lady who turns out was someone else. We couldn´t understand what she was saying but I guess she needed a visit that day more than Lorena. :) We passed by later by her house and shared about the Book of Mormon with Lorena, Mauricio, and one if their daughters. They said they were all going to read the chapters we left together that night or the next and we are going  back tomorrow to see how it went.
We are also sharing with Victor, another reference from a member. (I just realized right now how many references from a member we have received these days...) He works with some of the YSA on the chapel that is being fixed and he has already started reading the BoM. He is in Mosiah already and has come to church twice.
I am on Hna Fischbeck´s computer right now and she is kicking me off so I will try to write another email with more info after Hna Melton and I eat. I am in Conce. I wil explain..............
Hna Smith
(from a second email she sent me)
More info. I am here in Concepción with Hermana Melton so she can get some medical tests done. We got here last night and passed by for Oscar for a while. He made us pasta; it was tasty. One of his friends is Mormon (mish, who knew?) and his other friend kissed my hand when he shook it. Classy. I just reread part of my last email and it said ¨I´m ecited¨. I just want to establish the fact that that was a false statement. I am not now, nor ever have been ¨ecited¨. Para que sepan. (Just so you know) Any way, we are leaving Conce tomorrow morning after doing some blood tests. 

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