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Monday, June 21, 2010

letter from June 20


I won't be writing much because you are the last person that I am writing today and I have to run some errands. It has been raining A LOT.


The white boots, by the way, not waterproof. At least not here in Chile. But almost had kind of a neoprene sock effect on my feet for a while. Looks like I'm stuck with the rubber boots I had before. Thanks for all the cute things inside (clothes, vitamins, post-its) Hooray! Mom, did you make those hand warmers? I love them. Oh yeah. And the gray hat?!?!?! It is the best thing ever. I'm not going to lie. I was half expecting chocolate hidden inside the bottle of vitamins until I realized that it was sealed. By the way, Hermana Robertson and I are baking a lot because we don't like how our brownie tastes so if you could send us tasty quick bread recipes or easy quick breakfast recipes it would be much appreciated.

Mariane got baptized on Sunday!!! Her husband baptized her and they took a picture with their little baby. Cute! I will send pictures later. And also a picture of our investigator Oscar, in a suit. You guys would love Oscar. He is so funny.

Everyone here goes crazy when Chile plays their soccer games for the world cup. Huge masses of people in the plaza. So far they beat Honduras and Switzerland, and this Friday they are playing Spain. So far we tied with England and I don't remember what else. People tell me but then I forget.

If you send a package I would like chocolate chips please, they taste delightful in banana bread.
Hermana R is still the best.

I miss you, Mom. I don't think I tell you that very much. Not a sad miss you but still. A nice happy miss you. And you shouldn't ask me waht I am going to do when I get back because it reminds me that I don't have any money.

Hey, I am using your conversion story to practice English with our investigator Oscar. He reminds me of Brian A LOT. This past Sunday he came to church in a SUIT!!!!!!
Hermana Smith

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