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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Letter from May 24

I got your email. I thought I replied... Your favorite missionary goes home in October so don´t sweat it, you have a good 4 months of stalkage left. What I have learned about being in a foreign country is that it is just best to laugh when awkward things happen. And then later, laugh again because you only live once so you might as well enjoy everything that happens.

New President = Junio

We have some great investigators that are working to receive their answer from Heavenly Father so we are trying to help with that. Life is great. I really appreciate receiving the letters Elder Kutterer writes (I don´t know if I already said that) because it helps me appreciate everthing here more. We have an awesome investigator named Patricio that has already come to church twice and he loves it. Miracle. Siempre hay milagros. Que estén bien. (There are always miracles. They are well).

con cariño,
Hermana Smith

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